After the Battle

I have to find a place to rest. I cannot keep walking like this much longer. The pain in the leg was severe. Every step seem like agony. But I had to find a place that was safe first. I knew once I stopped I would pass out. That might prove to be the one thing that would do me in.

If I did wake up then there would be people asking me questions. Questions that I would rather not answer. Not that they would believe the answers. One look at her wounds and past scars and they would have all the answers they would need anyway. They would patch her up physically and mentally and then release me. Pat themselves on the back for a job well done while the real problem would be waiting for me to strike again when I came out. No better just to avoid unnecessary contact.

What to do? Fix myself up again and go out to try to slay the enemy. Make the enemy bend to my will. More like the enemy was bending me. All I had to do was look at the scars and be reminded with every step with the pain. Not that the enemy suffered as well. It had its share of scars and probably licking its wounds after the latest battle tonight. The problem was neither of them where getting the upper hand.

The war between them had been going on for year’s even decades. With what to show for it? Nothing but pain and suffering for both. The pain and suffering didn’t end with them. Other people had suffered that allied themselves with her or the enemy. That was what the most senseless thing of it all seem. Was what other people suffered as the result of their war.

What to do? That was the big question. The enemy must die. I couldn’t stand knowing the enemy was out there let alone submit to its rule. What the enemy wanted would be an insult to everything I believe. I rather fight and if necessary die before allowing that to happen. Just need to find a way to slay the enemy. I knew I would find a way eventually. I was learning more with each battle. It was just a matter of time.

I found what I needed. It wasn’t much but I learned ago not to be so picky. It would do the job. I could get some rest. Maybe when I woke up I would think of some new way to fight the battle. End this war and finally be at peace.