Game of Life Season 50 Trailer

Season 49 is ending without the big finale that was expected. Just a signature on a piece of paper and that was it. People watching might have expected a big “fuck you” and a party but there was none of that. Not that signature was all that important either. Just the last thing needed. Now there is nothing more needed. The major characters that have been around the last 49 seasons will quietly go on their own way.

They will make guest appearances for a while. Especially around Christmas time. When they open their address book and realize that they haven’t spoken for a while. Being full of holiday cheer they will make empty promises about staying in touch and the like. After all that is what is expected of them to do. Maybe one day when they get the bounced emails and the letters returned with “Return to Sender” marked on them then they might realize what has really happen. But by then it will be too late. That they have been written out of the series once and for all and there is no going back.

The main character should feel sad about the supporting characters fading away. She will show her tears when it is expected of her to do so. Doesn’t really bother her to do that. Saves her from arguing and pleading her case with people with people who don’t understand. People who don’t see her for what she is or been through, but make assumptions based on the names and words. She doesn’t care that she has to do it. Something she is very good at doing and with time those expectations will fade away also.

But deep inside her she is overjoyed that the supporting characters that have been with her most of her life are fading away. They were an iron ball and chain that she had to drag around. Now that she has been given the key to unlock the chain, she will never go back to it just for appearances sake. She will make anyone pay dearly that even tries to put that chain on her again.

But as she enters the new season she wonders what lays ahead. She will be honest with herself and admit she is scared. She finally gets what she wanted all her life and she is scared. Scared because what happens now is unknown. Will she succeed or fail in what lays ahead? Will she stand up to the challenges ahead or buckle under the pressure?

Her ego tells her of course she will stand up and be true. That she will have success and everything she ever wanted. But she quit believing in fairy tales at a very early age. That was all bullshit she told herself to quiet that fear of not knowing. Who knows what will happen? After all the producers of the TV series might cancel it tomorrow or let it continue for another 50 or more years. Who’s to know until the axe falls on her?

All she knows for sure, is that she will be happy regardless of what happens. Even when that axe falls on her. Happy having her freedom to make her own decisions and live her life the way she wants and desires. To look out for her own self-interest and not worry about the expectations of other people unless she chooses to fulfil them. To live by her own standard and judge herself. That is all she ever wanted in life and now she has it. Everything else now and in the future is just luxuries. Nice to have but not needed to make her happy anymore.